Spadger SS-F100 Off Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights for Sale - Red

Spadger SS-F100 Hoverboard Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights for Sale - Red

  • FORMULA ONE DESIGNED - Inspired by F1 racing automobile designed, racing roared accelerating, fastest ever hoverboard you can have.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER PRO- Build-in bluetooth speaker & LED lights pro, you can play music over the board’s speaker using bluetooth while exploring.
  • AUTO SELF BALANCING - Latest smart & auto self balancing technoligy, with F1 new auto self balancing system, you can hovering fluently within 5-10 minutes.
  • SUPER POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - Race up to 12+ mph with dual 350-watt dual motors designed, offering best users experience ever.
  • UL2272 DETACHABLE BATTERY - Safety is our first priority, SS-F100  hoverboards have passed strict electrical and safety test to ensure all customers safety.
  • ULTRA-SMOOTH RIDING - The professionally calibrated Gyro sensors and non-slip footpad offer an incredibly stable and ultra-smooth riding experience.

Why Choosing SS-F100 Hoverboard?

As one of top-most enterprises that produced consumer electronics products, we are committed to innovation, R & D,quality and customers satisfaction.

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#1. 350 Watts Dual Motors & Racing Roared Accelerating!

SS-F100 hoverboard is off-road designed with super powerful 350 watts dual motors, race up to 9.5+ mph, and climb inclines of up to 30°, what's more, the board supported with racing roared accelerating.

#2. Multi-Colors & Bluetooth Speaker Pro!

The hoverboard self-balancing scooter is available with multi-colors & build-in bluetooth speaker, which can presented the best music hovering experience ever.

#3. Smart App Enable & Auto-Balancing!

SS-F100 off-road hoverboard scooter is IOS & Android smart app enable, and with latest smart auto-balancing technology.

#4. 100% Safety and 12-Months Warranty!

Safety is our first priority, our hoverboards is built-in over-voltage protection, over-current protection, surge protection, high temperature protection and short-circuit prevention, provides you a 100% safety charging and ensuring your property’s.

Remark: All hoverboards, electric scooters & electric skateboard products are not recommended to charging at night while sleeping or no body is around on day time!

Our products are strictly inspection before shipping to our warehouse, and we presented a 12-monthes warranty from the date of your original purchase for manufacturer defects, if you received a device fails to work due to manufacturing defect, please contact us directly to initiate return and warranty process.

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