Orders & Reservations

How to place an order at spadger.us?

  • Choose the product that you want to buy
  • Select the color and quantity of the product
  • Fill in the recipient's address and other information
  • Finish the payment

How long to get my package after payment made?

  • Most of our orders are shipped from USA local warehouse
  • We will ship your order within 24 hours after your payment confirmed
  • You will received your orders within 2-4 working days

Which payment method can I use?

  • Currently we accept Paypal payment on spadger.us
  • You can also buy spadger hoverboards or products from amazon.com

Is there any tax fee that I should pay for the order?

  • We offer Free Tax service, so you don't need to pay for any tax to get the product from us.

Product Tips

Can I take my hoverboard on airplane or ride in the city ?

  • Flights: While some airline carriers may allow the hoverboard as a carry-on, we do NOT recommend it. Please refer to your individual carrier regarding their guidelines on what they will allow for carry-on or checked luggage.
  • Places: Some cities or states have restrictions against this type of vehicle/mobility device. But there might be places  where you can ride your hoverboard. If you have doubt at it, feel free to check out on Google or with your local news.

How long can we use the hoverboard for per charge?

  •  You can use the hoverboard for about 2-3 hours after the full charging
  • It depends on the weight and speed, etc...

Hoverboard Tutorials

How to ride the hoverboard?

  • The Two wheels self balance hoverboard is easy to learn in about 5 minutes you will get the hang of it and in 30 minutes you will begin to master it.
  • You can follow the steps: activate the built-in learning mode to reduce the speed while you learn the basics.
  • Once you have the steering down, simply turn it off and go full throttle. In short, it’s NOT HARD AT ALL!
  • You will step onto the hoverboard  and try to balancing yourself and relax, and that's the key...
  • By the way, get started with a wide-open environment without too many people and hard stuffs.

 How to adjust the hoverboards balance?

  • Fisrtly, put the hoverboard on the horizontal floor or table, keep the board level and power it off;
  • Secondly, long press the power button and keep your finger on it, the indicator light on the hoverboard will be on and flash for 5 times and come out a beep voice;
  • Thirdly, release your finger, the indicator light will keep on, and then press the power button to power it off;
  • Finally, power on the hoverboard again, the balance is adjusted.

Hoverboard Maintenance

How do I return the product when it is found infective?

  • Contact the customer service via email support@spadger.us
  • Tell us the details of the problem, we will guide you to solve it.

Where can I send the product to when I need the maintenance service?

  • You can easily get help by contact us via email or telephone through our official website.
  • We will send and contact your for the detail maintenance dresses.

What abut products warranty?

  • Yes, we do offer 1 year limited warranty.
  • Please check the warranty page for more details on the official website.


By Spadger Inc