Why Choosing Spadger SS-K02 Electric Skateboard?

Why Choosing Spadger SS-K02 Electric Skateboard?

As one of top-most enterprises that produced consumer electronics products, we are committed to innovation, R & D,quality and customers satisfaction.

SS-K02 Electric Skateboard

Super Powerful Brushless Dual Motors!

SS-K02 skateboard is designed by 350 watts brushless dual motors, race up to a 22 mph max speed, 22 miles max range and 265 max loading, which can present you a premium user experience.

Spadger Eletric Skateboard

2Gen 2.4G Wireless Remote Controller!

The new skateboard is supported with a 2th generation 2.4G wireless remote controller, and the controller has 4 led indicators, which help you to figure out the battery levels of the skateboards.

electric skateboard controller

Super Easy to Operate and Hand-ON!

Our R & D teams had presented the latest technology on SS-K02 skateboard, freshmen can exploring and hovering fluently within 30 minutes, which is super easy to operate and hand on!

Remark: Freshmen are recommended to wear safety gear while riding any hoverboards, scooters or skateboards products.

cheap electric skateboard

100% Safety and 12-Months Warranty!

The new long board is built-in over-voltage, over-current, surge and high temperature protection, provides you a 100% safety charging and ensuring your property’s.

Remark: All hoverboards, electric scooters & electric skateboard products are not recommended to charging at night while sleeping or no body is around on day time!

Our products are strictly inspection before shipping, and we presented a 12-monthes your original purchase date for manufacturer defects.

safety electric skateboard

Qian Cheng
Qian Cheng


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August 18, 2018

wow this spadger electric skateboard is fast with three speeds ,it says 22mph but i think it go faster at about 25mph ,its strong and sturdy and the price is great at $300, in fact ebay had a sale at 15% off so i got the board at $255 ,electric skateboards that go this fast starts at around $700 and goes up from there and the remote is great ,i have never lost connection ,i only wish the remote was tougher ,but i have notice this remote is quite common in the industry ,the wheels are little noisy for my taste but very tough ,if you want a good quality electric skateboard this is it ,i give it 4 and a half stars out of 5.. enjoy you will not be disappointed

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