Premium G2 All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker & LED Lights

Premium G2 All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard Bluetooth Speaker  & LED Lights

  • BLUETOOTH®ENABLED – Bluetooth speaker, led lights enable, feel free to play music while hovering or exploring via bluetooth speaker.
  • AUTO SELF BALANCING – Latest smart & auto self balancing technoligy, which can help you exploring fluently within 5-10 minutes.

  • 8.5” ALL TERRAIN TYRES – Top-most quality, off-road designed, 8.5 inch wheels with all terrain tyers, exploring with your lifestyles.

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE – Race up to 8.5+ mph, dual 350-watt dual motors designed, offering a top-most users experience.

  • UL2272 CERTIFICATE – Safety is our first priority, all the hoverboards have passed strict electrical & safety test to ensure safety.

Why Choosing Spadger Hoverboard?

As one of top-most enterprises that produced consumer electronics products, we are committed to innovation, R & D,quality and customers satisfaction.

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#1. Powerful 350 Watts Dual Motors!

The new board is designed with 8.5 inch wheels with super powerful 350 watts dual motors, race up to 8.5+ mph, and climb inclines of up to 30°, which is much more powerful than other on-sale hoverboard products!

Spadger All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard

#2. Build-In Bluetooth & LED Lights!

The G2 off-road hoverboard is coming with build-in bluetooth speaker, super bright led lights. You can feel free to playing music while exploring via the speakers.

The premium led lights designed is differ from the market-on-sale hoverboards lighting system, will present you and the kids an amazing & unexpected user experience.

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#3. Auto Self Balance Technology!

Our R & D teams had presented the latest smart & auto-balancing technology on G2 hoverboard’s system, you can exploring and hovering fluently within 5-10 minutes, which is super easy to operate and hand on!

Remark: Kids & freshmen are recommended to wear safety gear while riding any hoverboards, scooters or skateboards products.

All-Terrain-Tyre off road hoverboard.jpg

#4. 100% Safety and 12-Months Warranty!

Safety is our first priority, G2 hoverboard is built-in over-voltage, over-current, surge and high temperature protection, provides you a 100% safety charging and ensuring your property’s.

Remark: All hoverboards, electric scooters & electric skateboard products are not recommended to charging at night while sleeping or no body is around on day time!

Our products are strictly inspection before shipping, and we presented a 12-monthes your original purchase date warranty for manufacturer defects.

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Qian Cheng
Qian Cheng


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