Best Skateboard Lights for Night-Time Riding: Spadger lights

Hey guys. In today's episode of Spadger board, we're going to discuss board customization focusing on Lights. We're finding heaps of old customers love to use Lights on their boards for safety reasons, riding at night, as well as they just look super cool. So people use Lights on their boards for a wide range of reasons. One of the most common ones is purely just to customize the board to make it their own, make it personal; so the other reason is safety. If you're doing a lot of night riding, any increasing amount of any lights on your boards are going to make it easier to be seen. These especially put a nice red glow on the ground right around the whole board, making it easier to see from a distance. So people, cars, bike riders; doesn't matter, they're going to see you coming from a mile away. Want to be part of our next newsletter? You could be featured in our worldwide edition! Email us at PLEASE SUBSCRIBE :-) To subscribe to the Spadger YouTube channel: For more information on Spadger Skateboards check out:



Qian Cheng
Qian Cheng


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