Spadger Premium Hoverboards, Electric Skateboards & Gadgets Giveaway( USA Only)


Winners will release in 1 week later after the review release

Wanna win a Spadger premium hoverboard, electric skateboard or gadgets free ?  Then you should:

#1. Drop us your topic

1) Where you from, how you know about Spadger's skateboard?

2) What do you think of the eboard ? Why you want to win this eboard?

You just drop a comments to gain your chance. Which just goes like: 

I am Owen from USA, I know this skateboard from jose Tecnofanatico youtube chanel, the eboard is pretty impressive, it's the very one that I want to win!

Well, yes, that's it. Then you will get your chance to got a eboard free from us. 

#2. Enhance your chances by:

1. Sub & Follow the above YouTube Channel.

2. Likes, comments and share the above youtube video on facebook.